Latest ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer Reveals Oscar Isaac as the New MCU Superhero

The latest trailer of the upcoming MCU shows Moon Knight shows Oscar Isaac as the new superhero, Marc Spector. 

Marvel’s Moon Knight premiering on March 30, introduces Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector (a former US marine), a new superhero who has dissociative identity disorder. He becomes a channel for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. 

Marvel and Disney Plus revealed the official trailer of Moon Knight during the NFL Super Wild Card Game on Monday on ESPN and ABC. 

In the official trailer, Marc cannot tell the difference between his dreams and real life. After visiting a museum, he sees a vision of an Egyptian god, Khonshu. He also meets Ethan Hawke, a villain, who encourages Marc to embrace the darkness. At the end of the trailer, we can see Marc in the Moon Knight costume as he beats someone up. 

The trailer is a little vague on how Marc gets his power, but it is possible that Disney+ and Marvel will keep the details to themselves until its premier in March. 

You can watch the full trailer below:


Unlike previous Marvel TV series on Disney Plus, Moon Knight introduces new characters and a storyline that is not yet connected to the MCU universe. According to the original comic of 1975, Moon Knight has powers based on the phases of the moon, but he is kept mortal with sophisticated gadgetry. Comic fans have compared him to the DC Comics Batman. 

Other upcoming shows on Disney Plus in 2022 include She-Hulk, a comedy movie starring Mark Ruffalo, and Tatiana Maslany. You will also be seeing a coming of age series ‘Ms. Marvel’  along with season 2 of What If…? The series will be exclusively available on Disney Plus on March 30, across the world.

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