Peaky Blinders Creator Says the Movie Could Lead to Spinoffs

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight shares his thoughts on the likelihood of multiple spinoff series after the release of the final season 6 of the series and a movie.

Ahead of the release of its final season on February 27, Steven Knight disclosed his plans after season 6 and where the story might go from here. Knight has been open about a movie after the final season of Peaky Blinder, he also hinted, “I’m calling this the end of the beginning.”

Elaborating on his statement, Kight said,

“We’re going to end the series as it is at the moment, but we’re going to do the movie, which we’ll shoot in 18 months time, maybe a little bit longer. After that, according to how the film structure falls into place, we’ll set into motion some spin-offs that will be part of the same universe.”

According to Knight’s statement, the movie would premier somewhere around winter 2023, or the beginning of 2024. After confirmation of the movie, fans think Tommy Shelby might not make it out alive. We will find out on 27th February as the show returns for one final season on BBC iPlayer.

While the spinoffs will not focus on the current story, fans can’t help but speculate which character the spinoffs will focus on? It is too early to know anything for sure.

The decade-spaning show is returning with season 6 – the final season. Season 5 left Tommy as the soldier for the Queen, as the streets turned dark. As Cillian Murphy promised, the dark times are beginning and things are going to get much worse. However, it did not signal the end of the story of the fate of Tommy Shelby.

The show has been an absolute success and even has an adventure video game called Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.

Knight has not given any details regarding what the spinoffs might be about, but it did confirm that season 6 could be the beginning of a Peaky Blinder universe.

Season 6 of the series will premier on BBC iPlayer on Feb 27, Sunday followed by a later release on Netflix.

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