Authentic Southern White Gravy Recipe

Southern White Gravy is smooth and creamy with a rich flavor. It is the main component of many Southern dishes. The thick gravy is mostly served with mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken tenders, fried chicken, or biscuits.

This is the ultimate southern gravy and if I had to describe it in simple words, I would say it’s the ultimate comfort food.

The best thing about this gravy is that you can make this with a few ingredients only. Today I will share the recipe for the authentic gravy that is made in restaurants. Every Southern household has a different recipe as the gravy is made in different ways.

But today, I will show you how to make the classical version of the gravy. The secret to the gravy is using bacon grease. It takes a little extra, but it’s totally worth it.

southern white gravy recipe

Although you can use butter for this recipe, authentic gravy requires bacon grease. First, you need to cook bacon in a skillet. To make the gravy, cook around half a pound of bacon until it is golden brown and crispy. Remove it from the pan, and you can add it to any recipe you want.

What you need is the bacon grease. Transfer the grease into a separate container. For this recipe, we will need around 5 tbsp of bacon grease.

What Can You Serve with White Country Gravy?

The gravy can be served with various dishes. You can serve it with:

  • Chicken steak
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pork chops
  • Fried chicken tenders
  • Roasted turkey
  • Pan fried onions and veggies
  • Bacon and egg
  • Hash browns
  • Grilled steak

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how to make southern white gravy

Southern White Gravy Recipe 

Try this easy and authentic white country gravy recipe to make the creamy gravy that is served with various dishes. 

                    ⏱ Prep Time: 10 minutes | 🔥 Cook Time: 15 minutes | 🍽 Serving: 6


  • 5 tbsp bacon grease (or 1/4 cup unsalted butter)
  • 4 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups of milk
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Take a large skillet and heat bacon grease over medium heat.
  2. Add flour and combine well. Stir until the flour is light brown.
  3. Add milk and reduce the heat. Add salt and pepper as well.
  4. Continuously whisk the mixture to avoid sticking to the pan, and make sure there are no lumps.
  5. Keep simmering the gravy until it is thick and reaches the desired consistency.
  6. Transfer the gravy to the serving pot while hot and serve with any dish you want.


  • The gravy will keep thickening as it gets cold, so make sure to keep it a little bit thinner when you are cooking it.
  • Southern gravy has black dots, so you need to add black pepper to it.
  • For this recipe, we need all-purpose flour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is white gravy made of?

White gravy is made from flour and butter. It is thinned to perfection using milk and seasoned with salt and pepper.

What is the difference between Bechamel and white gravy?

Bechamel sauce is quite similar to white gravy as both are made from butter, all-purpose flour, and milk. However, Bechamel sauce uses cheese, while there is no cheese in white gravy.

How do you thicken white gravy?

If your gravy is too thin, you can try adding 2-3 tablespoons of flour and cornstarch into water and then adding it to the gravy. Slowly add the slurry to the gravy and simmer it until it reaches the desired consistency.

Another way to thicken white gravy is to simply simmer the gravy for 4-5 minutes until it thickens. It will reduce the water levels in the gravy, thus thickening the gravy.

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