Is Shameless on Hulu? Where to Watch All Seasons

Inspired by the original British TV series, the American version of Shameless is equally popular among the fans, and here’s how to watch it online.

With drug use, alcoholism, and parental neglect as the main themes, the comedy series Shameless delve into the intricate conflicts within a family and the impact of the negligence on children. Despite dealing with serious issues, the series employs a humorous approach by showcasing the peculiarities of a dysfunctional family’s everyday life.

The show is based on Paul Abbott’s British TV series of the same title. It boasts exceptional acting performances by William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Ethan Cutkosky, and Shanola Hampton.

What is Shameless About?

The main plot of the show revolves around the Gallagher family, who live in the impoverished South Side of Chicago. The family is headed by Frank Gallagher, a neglectful and alcoholic single father who struggles to provide for his six children.

The show follows the daily struggles and experiences of each member of the Gallagher family, including Fiona, the oldest daughter who takes on the role of the family’s primary caregiver; Lip, the intelligent and rebellious middle child; Ian, the gay son who struggles with his identity and mental health issues; Debbie, the resourceful and determined younger daughter; Carl, the mischievous younger son who joins a gang; and Liam, the youngest child.

There are various themes discussed in the show such as poverty, addiction, family dynamics, relationships, and personal growth as the characters navigate their challenging lives. However, despite the portrayal of such complex issues, the show manages to entertain its viewers.

Is Shameless on Hulu?


Hulu subscribers are in luck as Shameless is part of its content catalog. But there is a catch. To watch the show on Hulu, you need to have a Showtime add-on which is an additional $10.99 per month.

Unfortunately, the show is not available on Hulu’s basic plans. It seems as for now, Shameless is going to remain on Showtime.

Shameless on Hulu

Is Shameless on Amazon Prime Video?


No, Shameless is not available on Amazon Prime Video. You cannot watch the show for free on the platform, but it is available for renting/ purchasing. Feel free to buy your favorite episode or season on the platform.

Some other shows that you can catch on Amazon Prime are Banshee, Seinfeld, and more.

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of Shameless?

Currently, you are able to watch Shameless all seasons on Netflix, Showtime, Showtime Amazon Channel, and DirecTV. It is also available for buying on Apple iTunes, FuboTV, Vudu, Microsoft Store, and Amazon Video.

It may come as a surprise, but the Shameless US version is still available on Netflix in the US, UK, Australia, and a few other countries. It’s not available worldwide on the streaming platform, but some of the countries still have access to the series.

How to Watch Shameless Online for Free?

There are platforms such as FuboTV, DIRECTV, and Apple TV that offer a seven-day free trial for its new subscribers. To watch Shameless for free, you can subscribe to one of these streaming services and watch the show during the trial period.

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Is Shameless Season 12 Canceled?

Shameless has been running for eleven seasons now, and Showtime decided to pull the plug, considering the length of the show. So, Shameless season 12 is officially canceled, but the show is extending into a mini-series called “Shameless Hall of Fame”.

It will comprise of old scenes, with a new take on different narratives over the entire series.


Even though Shameless is available to watch on Hulu, you will need to add Showtime to your subscription to access the show. For now, Shameless is not part of the basic Hulu plans and requires an add-on to watch via the platform.

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