Is Supernatural on Amazon Prime Video for Free?

Looking for Supernatural on Prime Video? Continue reading as we show where to watch it online and is it available to watch on Prime Video for free. 

Fans have still kept alive the legacy of Supernatural since its end in 2020. The show has been a cherished pop culture sensation for more than ten years due to the stunning performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the Winchester brothers. 

The dark fantasy show features the Winchester brothers, Dean (played by Ackles) and Sam (played by Padalecki), working together to track down and eliminate demons, monsters, and other supernatural entities, with the aim of learning about their family’s occupation of safeguarding the planet.

As the show progresses through its 327 episodes, the storyline becomes increasingly intricate and multifaceted. Because of its immense popularity, The CW has also launched a prequel series, The Winchesters in October 2022. It had the network’s biggest TV series premiere.

Is Supernatural on Amazon Prime Video for free?


Unfortunately, Supernatural isn’t currently available on Prime Video for free due to content copyrights. However, you can buy the show on the platform. One episode is available for $2.99 and a full season is available for $14.99.

All 15 seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming via purchase. For now, the show is not available to watch for free on the platform, even if you have a Prime Video subscription.

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Where to Watch Supernatural Online?

Currently, all 15 seasons of Supernatural are available to watch on Netflix. The streaming platform has been the home for the series for years now.

The final season of the show ended in 2020, and ever since then, the show is available to watch on Netflix. The CW and Netflix’s deal is now defunct, however, the network’s shows will continue to stream on Netflix until 2025.

So, you can watch Supernatural on Netflix in the USA until 2025. Apart from Netflix, the show is also available to watch on the official website of The CW. Apart from Netflix, Supernatural is not available on Hulu, Peacock, or any other streaming platform. 

Everything you need to know about Supernatural

Supernatural made it through 15 seasons, but not without some wild events taking place both onscreen and offscreen. The TV show has a devoted following that no other program can match after 15 seasons, making it one of the most-watched genre show.

Even though there have been many changes throughout the years the show has been on the air, what fans have always cherished about it is the connection between the characters, the odd humor, the cool folklore, and of course the classic rock.

The TV show depicts the eerie and exciting adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, siblings who confront a progressively menacing environment in their pursuit of hunting down monsters.

Following the tragic loss of their mother to a paranormal entity, the brothers were trained by their father to become warriors who hunt down inexplicable and diabolical beings. Recollections of violence and secrets that jeopardize their bond further weigh down Sam and Dean as they explore supernatural phenomena.

With traditional tactics and allies turning against them, the brothers must depend on one another as they confront paranormal adversaries.


Is Supernatural available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Supernatural is available on Amazon Prime Video. However, you cannot watch it for free as its only available for purchasing.

Does Amazon Prime have season 15 of Supernatural?

Currently, you are able to watch season 15 of supernatural on Amazon Prime Video by buying the season for $14.99.

Will The Winchesters be on Amazon Prime?

Right now, you can watch The Winchesters on HBO Max. The show is also available to rent or purchase on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.


Supernatural is available on Amazon Prime Video, but not for free. You can either purchase a single episode or a complete season on the platform for streaming. The show is available to watch on Netflix.

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